Facts About Fires In the UK

Fires often happen when no one expects them. No home is immune from the risks of fire and the often irreversible devastation a fire can cause.

Facts about Fires in the UK

In 2017/2018, there had been 37,740 fires in the UK according to Home Office statistics.The good news is that these are the lowest numbers on record.The highest number of fires attended by fire and rescue services on record in a calendar year is 71,082, occurring in 1999/00.

  • 30,813 fires in England in 2017/18, which works out at 554 fires per 1 million people
  • 5,310 fires in Scotland in 2017/18, which works out at 979 fires per 1 million people
  • 1,617 fires in Wales in 2017/18, which works out at 517 fires per 1 million people

Interestingly, Scotland has the most house fires on average while England has a higher number of fires in total.

How many fatalities are caused by fire in the UK?

There were 398 fire-related fatalities in 2017/18. This is also much lower compared to previous years. For instance in 1985/1986 there had been 967 fire-related fatalities.

The majority of fire-related deaths are from smoke inhalation rather than fire itself. In isolation. 25% of fatalities are form burns.

Causes of Fires in the UK

The most common causes of accidental house fires in the UK according to official Home Office statistics are as follows:

  • Cooking appliances
  • Other electrical appliances
  • Electrical systems
  • Smoking
  • Space heaters
  • Candles
  • Central and water heating
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Matches
  • Blowlamps, welding and cutting equipment

When do house fires occur in the UK?

House fires happen most frequently in December. Most happen early at night, between 6pm and 8pm. The increased number of fires in the UK in Winter is due to more chimney fires in the colder months of the year.

How to increase fire safety?

Install smoke detectors in your home or business. Regularly check your smoke detectors for proper function. Consider modern fire detection technologies such as video fire detection. These systems can detect fires within seconds. A fire camera can easily be integrated into any existing CCTV system.

You can find further help and information at https://www.hse.gov.uk/toolbox/fire.htm

Therapy For Relationship Troubles

CBT-2Most people, when they think about therapy for psychological problems may think this is only something for things like depression, anxiety and similar disorders.

But this isn’t true.

While psychotherapy can certainly help with such conditions, a whole lot of people are successfully undergoing therapy for what one could deem “everyday problems” which can be anything from low self esteem issues, shyness, anger problems, stress at work and also relationship and sex problems.

A fairly recent form of treatment called cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) could indeed be what you need if you have relationship troubles or want to spice up your sex life. Who would have thought, it is oftentimes deeper-seated technological problems which could be the reason why your relationship is suffering and this is where cognitive behavioural therapy can help address the problem right at the root.

How can CBT therapy help with sex problems?

CBT therapy can be an easy and quite fun way to get the spice back into your relationship. When you start with the couples therapy, this will normally involve an open discussion between you, your partner and the therapist. This way, the therapist will get an understanding about the situation that you want to address.

When you and your partner are using cognitive behavioural therapy you will both be encouraged to look at your thoughts and your beliefs to that you understand how these are impacting your relationship.

The therapy can help you with the whole lot of problems. At first, the CBT therapist will likely help you to make a list of the problems that he will talk about of course without a list of goals how to go about them. During your therapy you will then regularly review these goals and your progress towards them.

CBT therapy can help you with feeling or being controlled by your partner, depression and anxiety, communication problems, arguments and fighting and basically any other problems in your relationship.

How do you find a good sex therapist the UK? We recommend that you choose a private therapist. If you see sex therapy London you can find many helpful resources along with a list of certified therapists in the UK who can help you with your relationship troubles.

The Benefits Of Apprenticeships

If you’re looking for a career in teaching but likewise for any other career, an apprenticeship could be the key to get into your desired career field. An apprenticeship provides numerous benefits for you the job seeker also for the employer. Let me talk about those benefits here in this article.

Apprenticeships Have Numerous Benefits
Apprenticeships Have Numerous Benefits

Employers today may be less hesitant to hire a graduate for an apprenticeship as compared to if you were to apply for a full-time position. Simply spoken , this means that the chances to get into a particular company or career can be a lot easier.

Sometimes, a graduate may wish to start a career with a particular company. Even if it is known that the company may not hire at a particular moment, they may take in an apprentice nevertheless.

The chances to make your apprenticeship into a full-time position as soon as your apprenticeship has concluded are extremely high. Up to 95% apprentices in many fields and industries will get hired full-time. A good example for this would be the IT industry here in the UK where each particular apprentice has a very high chance to get hired full-time after their apprenticeship.

The biggest advantage of apprenticeships here in the United Kingdom is obviously that this is a time where you can obtain invaluable experience while at the same time getting paid for it. In some cases, such as in IT and computers you can also take this time as an opportunity to obtain further industrious certificates which in some cases may even be paid for by your employer. In any other case you would have to pay for this type of training out of your own pocket.

No matter how you look at it, apprenticeships have numerous benefits and this is why I recommend them to everyone who wants to get into a great career.



A New Fitness App to Get People on Their Feet


Active 10 is the new fitness app by the One You campaign by Public Health England.

The app is designed to boost the health and decrease the risk for early death by as much as 15%.

The way how it works is that it challenges people to do frequent but short exercises, such as daily walking.

To give the app are more publicity, it is currently receiving high profile support most notably by television presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford as ambassadors.

According to recent studies, UK today is 20% less active than it had been 55 years ago.

Many middle-aged people all over the United Kingdom are not getting enough exercise and are thus missing out on a plethora of health benefits.

Fitness and exercise apps are currently among the most popular application in the Apple store. The apps range from running apps to fitness apps the incorporate some type of game such as Zombie escapes or alien invasions.

Yet, despite the popularity of these apps, people in the United Kingdom walk on average 15 miles less per year then just 20 years ago. Overall, the average Brit is 20% less active than they had been in the 1960s. Especially those in the mid-age bracket, aged between 40 and 60 missing out on regular exercise.

The idea behind this new fitness application is that it might be more appealing especially to middle-aged folks to get started with regular walking exercise as opposed to chasing some Zombies. The adviser for the app, professors Sir Muir Gray stayed that the app can be a good way to introduce  healthy changes into one’s lifestyle.

Yet another excellent way to get fit and in shape can be when you sign up with a reputable fitness centre. At londonfieldsfitness.com you can learn all about it!


Short Trips In the UK That Are Fun AND Educational

Hadrians-Wall-campingAlmost no country in Europe has so much to offer like the UK if you want to learn about history.

It is the country where you can visit countless exciting places that range from medieval castles and historic battlefields to the earliest settlements of humans thousands of years ago.

Places such as Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall or Fountains Abbey are attracting visitors from all over the world.

With so many exciting sights and places to see it makes sense to think about the best way to get around.

For holidays for the entire family, short-term trips that are not only fun but can be educational as well I found that camping is often the best option. If you travel the British countryside with all its wonders with your very own camper van you have the freedom to go and see places that you won’t have with any other way of travel.

In addition to the freedom and cost savings you will have with a camper, camping can have another significant advantage: A recent study conducted by the Institute of Education at Plymouth University and the Camping and Caravanning Clubfound found that children who enjoy camping do better at school.

Camping cannot only help to connect with nature and to actively understand our eco-system and environment, it is likewise a great way to make new friends and to discover the U.K.’s exciting history.

One other good thing about camping is that it is very affordable. Families can rent camper vans for their holidays and don’t even need to buy one.

Surprise Entertainment: The Singing Waiters

singing waiters – London

The Singing Waiters are the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainers and there is a reason for that.

What sets The Singing Waiters apart from other entertainers in the booming surprise entertainment industry is their world-class educational background.

Every member of The Singing Waiters UK has attended a renowned musical school or college in the UK. This impressive background certainly shows with every single performance!

The Singing Waiters are currently the number one choice when it comes to corporate entertainment in the United Kingdom. Only singers and dancers with a background as impressive as The Singing Waiters’ can take on classic opera and perform in a way that is truly world-class.

However, The Singing Waiters can also perform for many other types of occasions, be it wedding receptions or your next birthday party where you want to impress your guests. Recently, The Singing Waiters have also added special performances aimed for children.

If you happen to be in the United Kingdom and plan a large event where you want to make an impression on your guests you should consider The Singing Waiters. Occasions such as weddings or anniversaries are really not exactly where you want to settle and make any compromises. With The Singing Waiters you will know that you will get the best that the UK has to offer in terms of musical entertainment!

Teaching Shortage in London

A new study reveals that London may be facing a shortage of teachers, especially those who specialize in maths and science.

According to the study which was conducted by research company Data for Education, about 50% of teacher training courses in those subjects today are unfilled.

The study also showed that there are numerous open teaching vacancies in languages and computer studies.

The British government now wants to launch a campaign in order to motivate more graduates to become teachers.

The head of Data for Education, Prof John Howson warned that the low numbers on related courses could lead to standards dropping. In an interview with the BBC he said ”We have to make sure we are training enough teachers. As soon as we get into a downward spiral where we’re not training enough teachers there’s a danger standards will drop again.”

Teach Your Children About Fire Safety And Prevention

Fire SafetyYou can never start early enough teaching your children about the dangers of fires. If you educate all the members in your family about fire safety and fire prevention you are doing your best to help preventing the devastating consequences that could often result from fires.

When you talk to your family about how to be safe and sound from fires, it can be a good idea to also educate them on what can be done inside a home to keep fires from causing major damages.

If you have equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms and smoke alarms throughout your home, showed them how to use them properly in an emergency. It is a frightening fact that most people do not even know how to use a fire extinguisher. By teaching your family how to use them, injuries or major damages in case a fire breaks can be kept at a minimum.

Obviously, the average person does not have all the required knowledge when it comes to the use of fire extinguishers or similar equipment.

If that’s the case you should consider consulting professionals who can teach you and your family about the latest in fire safety and prevention. Simply call up your local fire brigade office and ask them whether they offer fire safety courses. In case they don’t they can give you further advice where to get this type of training in your area.

Fire safety and prevention is also the priority of Argos Fire LTD in Devon. If you contact Argos Fire can learn about fire alarms Devon and many other important things to keep your family safe and protected.

A New Website For Finding Jobs In Devon

Finding a job in Devon has become easier with the addition of one new website that jobseekers in the area can take advantage of. I’m talking about the Devon job board at the website devonjobboard.co.uk.

Why do I recommend the Devon job board?

devon-job-boardThis is a very simple to use and straightforward job search website where you can find a plethora of local openings all across Devon. They have Paignton jobs, jobs in Torquay and openings in any other major city here in Devon.

Unlike as with some other job boards, I normally prefer those websites that focus on the local employers here in the area. It is often there where pme can come across open jobs that are not listed on any other site.

I also like the fact that this site has no distracting elements and that the searching is very easy. As you would expect from a decent job board you can search using various criteria such as job category, salary, location and many others.

The Devon job board is not only interesting if you’re looking for a job in Devon. It is also a great site for local companies to let job seekers know about their open vacancies. So if you’re looking for Torquay jobs or job opportunities in Paignton I can highly recommend the Devon Job Board.


Buckingham College Preparatory School Staff And Pupils Celebrate Glowing Inspection

Students, teachers and parents are celebrating Buckingham College Preparatory School, in Rayners Lane, Pinner after inspectors rated it to be outstanding. The school was assessed by the Independent schools Inspectorate rate in June. The glowing account as a result of the inspection had been revealed this past week.

The inspectors noted the not only the overal quality and standards of provision as being ‘outstanding’, they also noted that the pupils are happy at the school. Those pupils with specific needs are given extra support. The glowing rating for the school extends over seven points covering various criteria.

Lorraine Cavanagh, the headteacher in a public statement: “I am delighted that the overall excellence of our early years provision at Buckingham Preparatory School has been recognised, particularly the comments which demonstrate our absolute commitment to encourage enthusiasm, curiosity and the palpable joy of learning which is enhanced by our outstanding partnership between school, children and parents.”