Qualities and characteristics of effective teachers

Qualities and characteristics of effective teachersQualities and Characteristics of Effective Teachers

   There are many theories about good teachers. What does the teacher in a classroom situation, not necessarily effective in another class. But however a classroom situation, there are qualities and characteristics of effective teachers who have in common. The quality and characteristics of working together to gain the respect of the children and make the classroom a fun, dynamic learning arena.

Between the qualities and characteristics of effective teachers


   You have the ability to bond with your students, to understand and resonate with their feelings and emotions. To communicate on their level. To be compassionate with them when they are down and to celebrate with them when they are up.

Positive Mental Attitude

   You are able to think more on the positive and a little less on the negative. To keep a smile on your face when things get tough. To see the bright side of things. To seek to find the positives in every negative situation. To be philosophical.


   A confident teacher to convey information in interesting ways, not excessive or intimidating. Confidence is contagious. If a teacher speaks with confidence and emitting a clear authority, the students feel confident and positive reaction. A teacher challenged students during the lesson plans respect the show, he maintains the attitude of trust. Listen to the argument, and not only rejected the students have a long way in strengthening the position of the teacher as an authority figure in the classroom.


   Effective teachers enthusiastic about learning. The teacher should be a joy when he was in the class have. If teachers really believe in what he teaches, that passion will rub off on students. If the care of teachers, students. Passion for education comes naturally in the effective teacher.

Patience and consistency

    The most effective teachers refuse to give up, even if students do not understand the new concepts. Poise not only reinforce important concepts, but also that students are important enough to justify the additional educational efforts. The combination of consistency, persistence and patience, students and teachers a positive experience with the subject to be studied.

Sense of Humor

  The ability to find humor in the situation will go a long way in establishing credibility for the classroom teacher and comfortable place. The ability to laugh and see humor in a situation, and allows the teacher to tell you in contact with students. If a teacher made a mistake and laugh at him, it shows the students that he is human and not afraid to mess it up. Which makes it easier for students to make mistakes, realize that everyone makes mistakes.


   Routines and rules that are important in the classroom, but also the flexibility to adjust routine if something unexpected happens. Effective teachers know how to make adjustments in the curriculum as needed, and maintain their positive attitude while doing it.

   The qualities and characteristics of effective teachers will build students’ excitement in the atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning process is actually running according to expectations and goals.