The personal qualities of teachers

The Personal Qualities of Teachers

the personal qualities of teachersEducational institutions and the public expects that teachers have adequate personal qualities to be an educational staff. It was intended that the quality of education is really up to the expectations of all parties. Then, what personal qualities are desirable in a teacher?

Characteristics of the personal qualities of teachers

First, the personal qualities of teachers is fun and exciting life. He did not exclude people who are physically normal, or even ugly, because many have great personal charm. But that is not included, the type of bearing is a passion, melancholy, cold, cynical, cynicism, frustration and more.  I would also say that not all dull or purely negative personality.  That school children could be better than a boring, has suffered from the savages.

Second, the personality of teachers not only desirable but essential for a teacher with a genuine capacity for love – in the truest sense of the word, a skill that thoughts and feelings of others, especially since most of the teachers of the child’s thoughts and feelings of school teachers to be agreed. This corresponds closely linked with the ability to be tolerant – not, indeed, what is wrong, but the power of weakness and immaturity of human nature, people, and more especially the children make mistakes.

Thirdly, the personal qualities of teachers it’s important for a teacher, both intellectually and morally honest. This is not to make a plaster saint. This means that it has the power and limits of intellectual property rights achieved, and to think and decide on the moral principles that have guided his life. There is no contradiction in me would say that a teacher should have a bit of an actor. This is part of learning techniques, which means that every now and then a teacher should be able to make an action should be – to teach, correct mistakes, or award praise to revive. Children, especially young children, live in a world that is slightly larger than life.

With the personal qualities of teachers, a teacher must remain mentally active. He will not go into the profession, if low intelligence, but it’s all too easy, even for those on average, intellectual stagnation – and that means damage to property. A teacher must adapt quickly to any situation, but it is not possible and improvise, if necessary, no time.

Or, an instructor can be patience. This, I would say, is largely a matter of self-discipline and self-training, we none of us were born like that. He must be pretty hard, teaching makes great demands on nervous energy. And he had a small irritation countless every adult with children will take the pain.

Finally, I think a teacher should be the nature of the mind that wants to keep learning. Teaching is an occupation in which people can never be perfect, there is always something to learn about. There are three main subjects : the subject or subjects that teachers teach, the best method to attach them to particular students in the classroom can be taught, they taught, and – most importantly-children, adolescents or adults, where they should be taught. Two important principles of education in Britain today is that education is the education of the whole person, and is best acquired through full and active cooperation between the two men, teachers and students.

The personal qualities of teachers scored the teacher is fully responsible for classroom activities, he will be able to act as a controller, so the process of learning to walk so much fun the students and encourage them to be active in class activities.