The Advantages of Teaching Methods

The Advantages of Teaching Methods

The advantages of teaching methodsThe method used by the teacher will depend on the skill or information teachers convey to their students. Teachers must be flexible in choosing the method and often adjust their teaching style to accommodate their students. Therefore, teachers must know the advantages of the teaching methods they will use.

These are some features of the method. It’s not always correct to say that a feature is either an ┬áthe advantages of teaching methods or disadvantages of teaching methods. Assessment of whether the feature is good or bad depends on subjective factors, as well as the purpose in learning.

The advantages of teaching methods :

1. The Advantages of Lecture Method

  • Can be an effective means of providing new information and clarifying existing information to a large heterogeneous group in a short period of time
  • Is useful for covering underlying concepts, principles, and systems
  • Can be a good means to set the stage and lay the necessary groundwork and ┬áparameters for a subsequent activity
  • May stimulate learner interest in future study
  • May be recorded for future use

2. The Advantages of Group discussion:

  • Increased student participation.
  • Students listen to other opinions and to express their opinion.
  • Talk to teachers that were not answered during the discussion.
  • Students learn about themselves and find the main points.
  • Students share their ideas.
  • Students get the views of all and not just those who always talk.
  • After discussion, where students gave their presentations, the teacher corrects their mistakes.
  • Students can make their own notes.
  • Learning is most effective.
  • They do not rely on memorization.
  • To develop creativity among students.
  • He raised the idea with the students.
  • Students have time to prepare for the topic.
  • Students need prior knowledge of the material and discussion. Suggestion
  • Only those who believe in the rest of the participating students did not participate.
  • The concept became clear after the discussion.
  • Every student has his / her opinion.

3. The Advantages of Individual presentation

  • Hamm (2008) Rafe is quoted: “The presentation is to motivate the listener to accept new ideas, change existing opinion, or on a certain premise to act.”
  • The first students really understand the subject to give a presentation on a topic that mastering.
  • It builds confidence in students.
  • A good way to learn just for the presentation of the students.
  • Students find many books to collect material
  • The teacher is an important oversight

4. The Advantages of Assignment

  • It improves the ability to investigate any matter that the subject of scientific researchers from different books, websites, etc.
  • Active Learning

5. The Advantages of Seminars

  • Provide opportunities to meet others in the same occupation.
  • To motivate and keep students engaged in their learning.
  • The method in question.

6. The Advantages of Workshops

  • Provide opportunities to meet others in the same occupation.

7. The Advantages of Conferences

  • Provide opportunities to meet others in the same occupation.
  • Network with other agencies and professionals.

8. The Advantages of Brainstorming

  • More attractive
  • More information
  • the acquisition of knowledge
  • Learning is an effective way
  • Greater participation of the students
  • Students give their views
  • Active Learning
  • creative thinking is encouraged.
  • Students think outside their knowledge.
  • Everyone has a chance to express their thoughts.
  • The simple subjects can be studied through different angles.

9. The Advantages of Role play

  • attractive method
  • creative thinking is encouraged.
  • Students think outside their knowledge.
  • Students benefit from the situation
  • Active Learning
  • Easy to learn

10. The Advantages of Case study

  • Active Learning
  • creative thinking is encouraged.
  • Students think outside their knowledge.

Efficient teaching methods are important tools that can help students achieve success in the classroom. Each student has a different personality and learning ability. Thus, teachers need to understand the advantages of teaching methods, in order to provide an opportunity for every student to participate actively in class discussions and voice their opinions. Effective teaching methods to benefit both teachers and students.