Teaching Methods and Strategies

Teaching Methods and Strategies

teaching methods and strategies

Below, you will find brief descriptions of teaching methods and strategies that promote active engagement and participation of students in the classroom, plus links to sample assignments and activities and more complete information for using each strategy successfully. Browse the various teaching methods and strategies that you might be able to use to carry out the goals in your own course and enhance student learning. Be sure to keep in mind the context and constraints of your course.

The procedures of teaching methods and strategies.

The teaching methods and strategies is the basic components of the curriculum so that educational objectives, the content chosen by professionals in the curriculum not only be measured by the teacher and teaching methods and strategies.

Therefore it is an educational link between the student and the curriculum components and how they form, the educational situations that take place in the classroom and organized by the teacher, and how they are to make these positions effective and productive time. If the teacher makes the study of what is desirable for students by way of teaching methods and strategies that followed  and the effectiveness of the students and their activities increase.

It is important to note that the teacher is the key. In no case is the base, but it is a method used by the teacher to find related information to students. Before the forms of teaching methods and strategies should refer to the specific method is correct.

Specification of the teaching methods and strategies for success:
  1. At first you should understand that teachers are left to the teacher the freedom to choose  the teaching methods and strategies or the method is suitable for the appreciation of the situation.
  2. The teaching methods and strategies is consistent with the results of research in education, educational psychology, which emphasizes student participation in classroom activities.
  3. that the way the teacher, in line with the objectives of education accepted by society, and the objectives listed in article courses taught by the teacher.
  4. taking into account the developmental level of students, and consciousness, and the types of educational experiences they had.
  5. Due to individual differences between students, the teacher can winter more than one method in class they try to adapt to any style with a group of students.
  6. the time element into account, the site of the program courses, the fee at the beginning of the school the students were the most active and vital.

The teacher must also take into account the number of enrolled students in the class room, where education for a limited number of them that the teacher may provide the method of discussion and dialogue used without problems.

1) The various of teaching method and strategies

Some call it the way the dumping, which is one of the most common methods, and use of this method is mediated by the vast majority of teachers in various teaching methods and strategies. Have been associated with this method taught since ancient times, because the teacher is a person who has the knowledge and listeners are waiting for something that is to tell and train their minds supply and meaning consistent with the concept of the school as a means to transfer knowledge to students.

It is understood that the name of the teacher lectures to students orally explain the new information on the topic of the lesson, rather than a process of dictating a book or a note. And the teacher uses his voice as he explained the different relevant level also uses his hands to explain, but the rest of the body, taking into account the movements that the reality of the ideas you want to offer to students to give.

Conditions for a good conversation in teaching methods and strategies.

Conference are provided by the teacher to students is good, it must meet the following conditions:

  1. ahead of schedule to prepare well in advance: this is the condition of the foundations of the conference, however, we found a much the failure of the teachers because they are  aware of what will be delivered, studied and learned from the first.
  2. the correct approach to the subject, the teacher is not consciously aware that students are working on the topic education, given the tight schedule of the school day with many lessons, and this situation requires teachers to discuss since the correct response for the study. Required in this approach increases the motivation of student learning.
  3. the conference theme of the new edition of the previous conference or conferences for students, and to restore unity subject and interdependent.
  4. not the fact that the teacher is the record, the only speaker in the classroom, not to bore the students to influence.
  5. taking into account individual differences between students per semester, you should not expect the teacher to focus students on track ‘Itself.
  6. taking into account the quality of language used by the teacher: what is a good way, choosing his words carefully, and international criminal, so that the intention and, as always, the classic Arabic language.
  7. the teacher does not mean that the path of not after the conference, to participate in other activities in the classroom, because there are other ways what supports this method.
  8. to capture the mouths of the students in the most prominent during the conference.
Pros of lecture method as one teaching methods and strategies
  1. Students get a good level of knowledge on the topic of the lesson.
  2. To develop in students a love for listening and to awaken in them a positive and effective when teachers are willing to answer questions
  3. by the teacher, which usually develops in students a love for the readers and the ability to use the library.
  4. Can the teacher by students who acknowledge careful with him and took his mind away from the lesson.
  5. The teacher by showing his voice up and down to emphasize certain meanings, and to reiterate the importance of certain attitudes.
  6. The conference is often mixed with the teacher and the nature of their culture.
  7. The teacher at the conference, and questions of dialogue, to the level of the students to  recognize.
Cons of the lecture method:

Educators have stressed that any negative way, in fact, thanks to his master, and not in the same way, regardless of the method is not without drawbacks and disadvantages of reading as follows:

  1. negative students themselves, especially if the teacher spends on the conference, and completely forgot that should be involved with him.
  2. If you do not Esther teacher in the students reading skills and pure, has become the only source of knowledge provided to them ready it comfortable laziness. If your teacher does not stop at the conference in order to test their students in any way as he says, has  to end, many of  whom knew nothing about what he said.
  3. If a conference for a long time without being interrupted by the teacher a question, or a  smart remark, students can incessantly and output.
  4. If you did not know that the teacher of the individual differences between students who lost the weak students in the classroom, because teachers care during the conference discussions on a range of students.
  5. If the teacher could not use exactly the same time, so it’s good enough for him to teach, and request and in the dialogue and discussions, can steal the time and to achieve what we plan to do the same study.
2) Questions method is one teaching methods and strategies

Terms of the way good questions:

  1. is a good topic to discuss preparing for the teacher, asking questions, the most important conditions for success. If the teacher should reflect on the questions when he speaks, so they are suitable for the subject, and able to lessen objectives and the level of the students.
  2. does not mean that teachers of the questions the only person who is entitled to ask, but the skillful teacher it allows students the opportunity to question, if these questions to him or the students themselves.
  3. Should not be burned answers to some questions about the students or the specific topic of discussion.
  4. the circumstances of the wording of the questions that begin with the simple things as simple as soon as possible after the students and will be the hardest thing presto.
  5. The teacher must be careful when using the module in question used to study the hardest thing presto.
  6. the wording of the question and the target language is clear and specific so that students know what they want answers exactly.
  7.   the question, the kind that challenges the intellect of the student, and I think it works, so the answers to the satisfaction he feels that something important has been reached.
  8. The teacher has full control of the lesson in this way a good spirit, not the puritanical nature of the atmosphere but also it should not be left to the operation until the humor, everything is better for the environment.
  9. for the atmosphere of a good atmosphere, the chapter where the teacher has the spirit of all the answers usually jovial and goody
  10. The teacher can not only accept students with clear and precise answers.
  11. Master of the students believe that the time element is very important, and that warned them  the objectives of the most valuable lesson is lost due to a number of trivia questions.
Pros of questions method:
  1. The teacher may recognize that many of the things that happen in the minds of students through their responses to questions.
  2. might be for the teacher to find out if students are aware of some facts about it or not.
  3. The teacher can ask students naturally develop the ability to think.
  4. The teacher is the road that leads down to problems of motivation to learn, when their students.
  5. The teacher, the students organize their thoughts, so if these sound educational method to launch applications.
  6. According to the teacher when revising the lessons, to see how the goals.
  7. in which a student can form an expression of being.
  8. helps the teacher to the strengths and weaknesses of students to diagnose.
  9. focuses on how the student uses an idea, not only his memory.
Cons of questions method:
  1. If you do not pay attention to a teacher’s time, time is running out before the end of the program, or do.
  2. Some teachers may be involved in the pressure on some students are heavy questions, which may be putting them off of the lesson.
  3. There are some students may promote the teacher many questions, so distracted direct questions to them, and I did not know their real level.
  4. If the teacher was devoted to student questions, you can take away some of the basics of the lesson
3) The discussion method:

This method is one teaching methods and strategies can be used as questions in the course of management, but not the basis for this. But if the discussion is calm and determined, in which students apply to a specific target or targets, designed by the teacher in advance. Moreover, the discussion is not just a collection of the views of their respective owners spontaneously but must be preceded by a lecture and preparation.

And those who prefer this method, which they say is taught to a single hand, is a teacher and lecturer when followed for he provokes his students to use their intelligence and their ability to acquire knowledge or acquire, and this means in itself leads an interesting feature, which is equivalent to the owner if he feels he has achieved and confirmed by his colleagues.

The Terms of the discussion and procedures:
  1. the teacher who determines the quality of the subject they teach, whether it is appropriate for the method in his discussion. Or, some devices do not meet the standards of behavior in a discussion, but discussion and discussion social, cultural and political order that prevailed at the time of a genius of poets, may be useful to do.
  2. After setting the subjects addressed, and the teacher tells his students to start the lessons in this regard a reasonable basis.
  3. You may need to provide a teacher in the classroom when the students are in a radius of  the comparison between them and that they can see their faces and expressions and emotions.
  4. The teacher must be allocated in the first part of the discussion a little time to illustrate the theme, main ideas and objectives.
  5. The teacher may find that there are some students who want Noakes atmosphere because of their personal control forte, or read a lot about, and here the master is not frustrating or overwhelming for those who do, but I had to put checks to stop at some point not in a position to benefit others miss.
  6. when the discussion should be that the teacher is careful not to dismiss students the boundaries of the subject.
  7. The teacher should be careful when walking in the way the discussion has been designed to lead achieving the goals for them before class.
  8. The teacher should begin the discussion, and shows their purpose, and if they continue, with some examples to restore what was, if it believes that the viability of the landing.
  9. is preferred that the amounts of the teacher from time to time we come to the discussion.
  10. The teacher should write the basic elements of the discussion on the board, or be entrusted to one of his students to write.
  11. at the end of the discussion, the teacher’s role in linking all the topics discussed in another to make clear to the students and the thematic unity and coherence, and concludes that the general objectives that were originally intended to reach
Pros of discussion method:
  1. The discussion allows students to actively participate in the lesson.
  2. with the participation of students in the discussion, the real increase in its assessment of science learning.
  3. This method of teaching results in students ‘mental faculties’, and do it better, given the state of the challenge the scientists tested by students in the classroom.
  4. increased with this method is the opinions of others to respect and appreciate their feelings.
  5. The method used to help students face, not with fear or conscience to express their opinions.
  6. This method makes students feel proud when a new dimension to the balance of their colleagues cognitive dimension.
  7. This method was developed in the spirit of the student team.
  8. This method is used to educate students to become familiar not intolerant of their views and suggestions.
Cons of the discussion method:
  1. If the teacher did not specify the object, and mixing is important.
  2. could steal the time factor for the large number of speakers.
  3. The teacher who has no knowledge of the personalities of their students in the class, you can leave that controlled the reins of an entire to talk.
  4. If the teacher asks his students to read the subject and the study of this will become a series of altercations empty, it would be without the light of the discussions.
  5. If the teacher can not control the dialogue and discussion between students, the lesson is a place of chaos when it comes everyone.
  6. If the teacher does not care about the ideas of important files in the discussion on time may be lost and lost benefit.

The teaching methods and strategies is best  means include all the good ideas for structuring assignments and activities for students. But each is an effective way for actively engaging students and placing more responsibility on them for their own learning.