Vocabulary Teaching Strategies

Vocabulary Teaching Strategies

vocabulary teaching strategies

Planning and vocabulary teaching strategies.

Learning a foreign language is not easy or easy, but with research and study possible access to a number of ways to teach language in a short time and a reasonable effort, and I’ve put these vocabulary teaching strategies into the experiment, and the results were sometimes very satisfactory.

And different difficulty learning a foreign language depending on the age of the learner and the environment where they live during the learning of language, and very the difficulty learning a foreign language according to their nature in terms of similarity or differ in the sound or write the language learner original, and then makes it easier for the Arab example, to learn Farsi or Urdu, and it is hard him to learn European languages or Chinese language. And differences or similarities between language and other sounds, or be in the nature of language structure, or in patterns or in the form of writing.

Perhaps the most important tools that enable learners to communicate in foreign possession of a good number of key words, then how to use this vocabulary to build simple structures, enabling the learner to express their communicative goals, subsistence and other learning objectives have been achieved. And is involved in the issue of vocabulary books designed for non-native central and pivotal issue: the knowledge of vocabulary is based in this foreign language and culture of her world and her family. It showed vocabulary issues the following questions:

What are the criteria for the selection of vocabulary included in the book?  What are the vocabulary teaching strategies?

To answer these questions stop when the report by Abdel-Hamid Abdel Nasser dear God and of the criteria should be taken into account when choosing a vocabulary book is designed for non-Arabic speakers, and these criteria are:

Common: the use of words the most common and most widely used based on studies of “lists of common words in the Arabic language” of all these lists.
Alhmo: include multiple meanings of a single individual to learn to sing a large number of vocabulary, such as your substitute for fruit oranges and apples and bananas. As if the authors mean by this to the principle of “Field Results”.

Proliferation or the use of language: the selection of any individual, which has ties with many other of the vocabulary of the language, and that the word “buy” it is associated with a large number of vocabulary, buy books, beta, rarely, a T-shirt, food, gift, etc. ….

Proximity and adjacent: It means so that the words which appear on the receipt and the student, such as if, for example: occupation, age and nationality, and tools used by … etc..

Subscription: Use common vocabulary between the mother and the target languages, such as the use of some Arabic words that entered Malay, Turkish or Urdu :

  • Provide real figuratively.
  • Eloquence of the word in terms of its sound and popularity and distance from the vernacular.
  • Ease of pronunciation and writing.
  • Gradient, diversity and redundancy. The gradient is the begin Balochi and less common, and is intended by the diversity of diversification in the types of words from where I called and Flatha and professionalism in a balanced manner. The redundancy means repeating new vocabulary so that the learner and which has stabilized.
  • Significance of the word.
  • Cultural principle: the choice of words with the Arab-Islamic cultural content.
Vocabulary teaching strategies at the University of Sunan Ampel

Use: in particular in the abstract is perceived meanings that do not require a lot of bother to know. Often, those pictures were a sign function directly on the meaning to be. The first phase. There seems to be some redundancy in the images and vocabulary, and perhaps this was intentional and the intention of to keep away, as far as possible, for direct translation.

Language games

There is no specific definition of language games in vocabulary teaching strategies: but the final purpose of language, learning activities of learners are placed in the form of competition and a planned and thoughtful towards the objectives and rules set in advance. And is known to us that the greatest purpose of teaching foreign languages to get access to the learner to an acceptable level of competence communication skills that enable him to communicate successfully with people of this language: It is therefore commonplace to provide the teacher whatever he has to achieve that end, so the teacher tends to be represented in the levels The first imitates sounds and movements lead representative … and access to education. That there is a big difference between teaching and learning enjoyable boring, no doubt that teaching languages to children should not be active learners in a fun endears this language in practice and mastery of skills.

Perhaps the game language to be the best way in vocabulary teaching strategies to give an atmosphere of fun and pleasure on the lesson classroom for foreign language: because the breaking of the severity of inertia and official restrictions imposed by the air classroom classic, and the movement of gaming language learner to a state of competitive fun with colleagues, and graduating from the case of extremely embarrassed when you make mistakes

The greater the importance of language games with the entry of the computer field of vocabulary teaching strategies: it can be invested and multimedia computer in the design of a number of language games that the teacher can exercise self-effort. The range of these games Veron voice or lexical, synthetic or in writing. As the Internet used in this area is growing in the advanced levels, especially in writing skills.

Synonyms: a relatively advanced stage at the foundation level: they resorted to the book when the student has built a good enough vocabulary, explain synonym sense of the word, such as:

Old fashioned

The purpose of vocabulary teaching strategies give the learner more self-confidence, and encourage the use of rotation in the vocabulary, so if it lost one of them used to other.

Contrast : is more advanced stage of synonyms: it represents a higher level of thinking links the relationship of antagonism between the two words, such as:

Late                    = early
Wake up             = sleeping

He does not merely reflecting this opposites on this image isolated, but due to it again in the context of my sentences full body exercise for the student.

Field Results. The intention is that regulate the number of words in the context of a combined indicates a field specific knowledge, such as: fruits, vegetables, and means of transport, shops, and means of knowledge: the book and the newspaper, and family members: father, mother and brother and sister, … and relatives: uncle and aunt, The uncle and aunt. And days of the week, and the divisions of time: day, week, month and year.

The very purpose of all this development the learner on the link between the intellectual vocabulary that belong to a single field, and perhaps end to identify the similarities and differences between the figures of culture and Arab culture in terms of looking at assets.

The vulnerability is due to the language skills that the student begins to learn Arabic in a manner similar to learning a second language; but he does not find the education to ensure its mastery of skills. Learning the language needs to be a long time, and much training is continuing, and this is not possible under the general education;, for many reasons, including the large number of students per class, many of the burdens of teachers, lack of time available for learning, and the many sciences that demand by learning the student and the lack of student interest is the same collecting and the lesson, and the neglect of his family behind its level of real success and asked at random, then many things are distractions from the lesson of sports competitions held during the school year, all, other views on television or otherwise, all of that wasted time student.

The treatment saying that the long and complex and perhaps sing in this place that says that taking things seriously and plans strict and understand the priorities and work on the collection and review of the methods of testing in general and university education and rigor in the issue, then address the problems that hinder the educational process Avenue from such as easing the burden of the teacher and to create conditions conducive to achievement, and re-training and updating knowledge, and expand his mind and attention Jewels things are not symptoms and forms, then give the language sciences and the time to elaborate satisfactory mastery, and the provision of aids to learning. All of this needs to be a strong political interest to draw closer to Him, God does not draw closer to Him Sultan Koran.

Just as with any skill, those who wish to enhance their vocabulary will need to learn how to read, speak, and write properly. Generally, when it comes to teaching vocabulary, you will typically be presented with two options, and these are spelling or phonics. The vocabulary teaching strategies that you should use is dependent on your age and skill. With vocabulary teaching strategies you are trying to help a first grader improve their vocabulary, you will want to start with phonics. Starting with phonics will allow you to build a strong foundation. With vocabulary teaching strategies, the child will gain a deep understanding of phonics, and this will give them the skills they need to start working on spelling.