Innovative Teaching Strategies

Innovative Teaching Strategies

innovative teaching strategiesInnovative techniques for teaching

   Education is becoming increasingly competitive in today’s world, new research suggests that innovative techniques and learn how to efficiently and effectively. Today our class interactive digital era is quickly replaced. Innovative software such as Blackboard is not just our learning in the classroom, but also brings a new dimension to see first-hand.

  Strategy is a formal procedure that is organized and goal-oriented acquisition clearly separated. Its application in daily educational practice in need of repair procedures and techniques that teachers have the responsibility to choose and design.  Innovative teaching strategies is always the result of the correlation and the relationship of three components

  • institutional mission;
  • courses, content, and knowledge that make up the educational process;
  • and the conception formed around the students and attitudes toward students’ assignments.

The teaching and learning strategies constitute a response to the curricular changes in innovation of the resources for teachers in several countries. Recently, the application of those that are considered the most effective carriers of innovations has been generalized. Those strategies are: Cooperative Learning, Problem Based Learning, Project Oriented Learning, and, most recently, the Service Learning and Research Based Learning

To improve education, we must focus on four key elements.
  1. How do you manage the course
  2. Education and Evaluation
  3. Student Teacher Communication
  4. Peer-to-peer interaction.

How do you manage the course with innovative teaching strategies ?

  First for an effective workout, such as courses and programs offered by schools and universities. Improved management in relation to the provision of reading materials, clear instructions on how to try through time, the students “for him or her comfort zone. One of the best ways to increase diversity in the classroom, this approach does not work all positions in the same class, but students with peers from different sectors.

Innovative teaching strategies as teaching methods and assessment.

   Because schools are increasingly integrating technology into the classroom learning is more interactive. But with all these devices, which remain for the teacher if he or she wants to come to their lessons. Teachers increasingly the path of a participatory approach to education in those days. This makes the students feel part of the system to think that some of the decisions and these decisions are important to them. In fact, discuss with students how they are evaluated and which aspects we expect teachers to feel the assessment, in my opinion, makes students responsible for their learning.

Interaction between teachers in innovative teaching strategies.

   In addition to the classification and evaluation, the interaction between teachers and students are encouraged. New technologies allow students to communicate with their teachers on weekends and explanation. These interactions are useful for students and teachers.

   It assists teachers in designing and developing a learning system for the classroom, in fact, students can crystallize in particular. As students increasingly different social and economic development of the cultural imperative for the teachers had come to pay their concept to the student.

The pier interaction in innovative teaching strategies.

   One area where the latest technologies such as Blackboard helps to increase peer interaction with their peers. In fact, that encouraging teachers to participate in these platforms, peer-to-peer interaction. For example, the software allows students to compose their Blackboard e-mail accounts, manage and discuss various topics of academic chat or discussion forums. These tables give everyone the chance to express their views and how they are treated and how the task again. It also opens a new window so that teachers understand the reaction of students to their concept. One thing I personally like the use of technology is that the learning of students in distance education generally inspires. In my opinion, is the largest learning platform for future discussion, participate in the training of teachers and students can also be evaluated based on their level of participation.

     The most innovative teaching strategies are defined by certain characteristics, such as :

  • being centered in the learning process,
  • oriented to the construction of knowledge; and
  • determine the structure of the school program by generating a vertical dynamic, teacher-student, and a horizontal one student-student, with the mediation of learning tools and instruments.

    In education, every reform or new curriculum proposes the incorporation of some of these strategies. That’s why it is important to pay attention to the experiences of some institutions around the world which by successfully applying the strategies, has achieved place them as a model of teaching. That’s how they managed to be considered internationally as one of the best educational practices.

   Innovative teaching strategies is pushing into a new technology pours into the campus. Both teachers and students have access to a variety of new technologies as the school moves to enter the 21st century. Innovative teaching strategies as  new policies give much freedom to both students and teachers in how they use technology in classrooms.