What is effective teaching?

What is Effective Teaching?

what is effective teaching?

What is effective teaching? We talked about it, we use it as a criterion for promotion, but do we really know what it means. When staff talk about effective teaching, whether it means the same as when students talk about effective teaching? According to recent research, the answer is NO!

An effective teacher must love the subject and can present in various ways. According to the student’s perspective, effective teachers must be funny, interesting, and able to relate to students. “

The simple answer for “What is effective teaching ?”

  What is effective teaching? is that most effective teaching and learning takes place when a large number of educational strategies in the classroom be made available if the focus is on understanding rather than correct answers.

  If I decide that most successful strategy is the most effective teaching strategy, undoubtedly had the connection you make with students. You see, no connection with their students, there is little or no understanding of the content.

Always remember : the first free content.

   This should be high on the list of effective learning strategies.   This connection with students is one way – the students and for students.  You need something from him, and in turn their students behind something of themselves.

   This relationship applies to teachers at all levels and in different learning situations, from kindergarten to fifth grade school to college, seminars, training or sales presentations. The teacher must be with the students or the public before the message is delivered, the content is heard.

Think about the situations, if the school or a sales pitch.

   Who are the teachers or the people you connect with? Chances are good you’ve tried has been approved, you know, enjoy what they have and want to succeed. There are people who want to talk and have fun. Knowing and understanding the relationship with students is the most important of all effective learning strategies. Therefore, as an educator, what is effective teaching?

Once fully in the moment.

   When the day to get his attention and teach their students to begin the task in hand. This is a message to students that are important for the function.

Learn something from each of their students.

   This is easier for those who teach a group of students. It is more difficult in this school, high school and college, where large groups throughout the day, but you can do. I think if you love teaching, dealing with students.

Try this little test – write what you know about each of their students.

   If you try to fight for something specific to the students make it a point to learn about them. If you have an important goal for the classroom for some students who make it a point to talk to every day. Thus, during the week associated with each student individually. Sometimes we have students who quietly slip under the radar and not always with them as often as others who are stronger or have to check.

Your data with their students.

   Knowing the beginning of the school year with my students about my family, pets, favorite foods, what I do on the weekend (well, not all), my hobbies and my taste in general and dislikes.

   Share this information with students allows them to see you as a person and gives them a common basis for the connection. Small pieces of information are easy to weave into their general knowledge and conversations with students. You do not cross the line too much personal information, or students get bored with long stories about your kitchen renovation. Insert relevant information in your life, you can join.

Living in harmony with their students every day and every class.

   Besides connecting with them individually is also necessary to set the mood of the group to join. If the group energy is low, move students to a game or a stretch break. If the group is angry and finds it difficult to regulate, some recreational activities with them. If students seem to place an order extending the time of development, or what a “bad night” for the job. Tailored to your group as a learning strategy is more important for students to be productive when they meet their needs.

Remember that every student and class.

   Respect and recognition of differences go a long way for a personal relationship with their students do.  If you connect with students and connect with you, your trust and are invested in their learning. Your students can Content you submit, listen, because they know that investing in success.

What is effective teaching variables?

   The variables that contribute to effective teaching in the classroom from elementary, intermediate and advanced. Effective teaching can be seen as an instruction to reach the goal of learning by the students as identified by the teacher. In this way there are basically two simple elements for effective instruction:

  • Teachers must have a clear idea of what learning is to be maintained.
  • Teachers prepare and provide learning experiences that allow this to happen.

   There are five attributes that have been identified as an important factor in the classroom in relation to effective teaching. The strength of each attribute to determine how receptive students are to learn and have been identified in research as a key cause of success in the classroom. Five attributes are:

  • Personality and will
  • intelligence
  • Sympathy and wisdom
  • Open-mindedness
  • sense of humor

   We all know how difficult it is to define ” what is effective teaching? ” — people with completely different styles are equally effective. The one thing that we have learned in research in higher education, is that there is no one best way of teaching. However, we can list some general characteristics of effective instruction, which may be useful for faculty. Do NOT accept these as “the final word” — but rather as guidelines that you can use in your work with students.