teaching strategies

teaching strategies

Teaching strategies

The project aims to develop teaching strategies to develop the teaching practices of teachers in the classroom and beyond, thus contributing to the changing role of the student from passive recipient to an active and vital role of the researcher positive information about its product.

Given the importance of the role of the teacher and the educational supervisor in raising awareness of community education about the teaching strategies and the statement of revenues on the process of learning, he had the local team for the project to develop teaching strategies in the Holy Capital to review and revise this publication from the team member Professor / Omar Bin Naif Al Ahmadi, which aims to clarify the concept of teaching strategies and components and specifications, the difference between the methods of teaching and strategies. As we offer this newsletter to pray to God that the benefit of both the seen it, and God guides to the Straight Path.

The concept of teaching strategies

The term strategic military terms, which means the use of means to achieve the objectives, marketing strategy is a prompt window to the working methods and user guide for the movement.

The evolution of the concept strategy and is being used in every state resources in all their fields and use the word strategy in many educational activities, was known Kausar Kojak strategy in education as a “general plan of action developed to achieve certain goals, and to prevent the achievement of outcomes is undesirable.”

Abdullah said Hguibl that teaching strategies intended to “movements of the teacher in the classroom, and actions undertaken, which occur on a regular basis and a sequential,” and confirmed to be the strategy of the teacher to be effective, demands the skills of teaching: (vitality and activity, movement within the chapter, change the layers of sound while you talk , the signals, the transition between the centers of sensory focus, …..)

While Yassin pointed out that the lamp “is the context of the teaching strategies of teaching methods and general cross-cutting objectives and appropriate for the teaching position, and which they can achieve the objectives that position the lowest potential, and the best possible level.”

We conclude from the above that strategy instruction is a systematic and procedural steps to be sequential and comprehensive, flexible and sensitive to the nature of learners, which represents the true reality of what happens in the classroom from the exploitation of the potential available, to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

How to design a strategy?

Design strategy in the form of procedural steps so that each step alternatives, so are the strategic flexibility in their implementation, each step containing molecules detailed systematic and sequential to achieve the desired goals, so it requires from the teacher when implementing the strategy of teaching organized planning taking into account the nature of learners and understand individual differences, including and to identify the components of teaching.

Specifications of a good strategy in teaching
1 – coverage, to include all positions and prospects in the classroom.
2 – flexibility and scalability, so that can be used for the last row.
3 – be linked to the objectives of teaching the basic subject.
4 – to address individual differences among students.
5 – to take into account the pattern of teaching and type (individual, collective).
6 – take into account the potential school.

Components of teaching strategies

1 – instructional goals.
2 – moves that the teacher and organized to follow the teaching accordingly.
3 – examples, exercises and questions and the means used to reach the goals.
4 – educational atmosphere of the classroom and the organization share.
5 – student responses to various levels and the resulting stimuli organized by the teacher and planned.

As can be seen that the movements of the teacher is the important factor and the President in the success of any strategy to teach, so much so that some of them known as a teaching strategies follows a systematic and sequential movements of the teacher.

The difference between teaching methods and teaching strategies:

There are some important concepts that should distinguish between the implications, because some see as synonyms for one concept, a method of teaching, teaching style and teaching strategies, the concepts of relations with each other, but each is significant and its meaning.

Shows Mamdoh Solomon that this confusion not only in the writings and readings Arab, but even in the writings and readings of foreign, and stated that there are boundaries between the teaching methods, and teaching strategies, and explained that: means a way of teaching method used by the teacher in the delivery of the curriculum content for students while in the educational process, while still the method of teaching is the set of patterns of teaching for the teacher and his favorite, or the method of teaching is closely linked to the characteristics personal to the teacher, and emphasizes that the strategy of teaching is the set of movements of the teacher in the classroom that occur on a regular basis and a sequential aims to achieve the Millennium Staff prepared in advance.