effective teaching styles

Effective Teaching Styles

effective teaching stylesElements of effective teaching styles

1. Represents the student in teaching the contemporary focus of the educational process, without the teacher or the curriculum or the community.

2. Fit the principles and procedures of the state of contemporary teaching students cognitive, and emotional and physical, are different methods used in training according to the quality of students.

3. Aims to develop the teaching of contemporary forces of cognitive, emotional, and physical and kinetic forms for pupils balanced, taking into account the importance of each of them for the life of the individual and society, but not limited to interest for the development of only one type of these forces at the expense of the other.

4. Aims to develop modern teaching competencies of students and prepare them for the present and the future, do not limit himself to study the past to the same.

5. It is a profession of teaching contemporary scientific thought, starting with analysis of the characteristics of pupils, and to identify their abilities, and developing educational plans, selection of issues, activities and educational materials that respond to those characteristics and requirements.

6. Begin teaching students belonging to the contemporary including the expertise and competencies and characteristics, the teacher shall be refined and adjusted or developed as required.

7. Aims at teaching as a contemporary equivalent to the positive success of students satisfying their desires, and aspirations, not psychologically or physically punished, or educational failure and repetition, as is the case in the practices of traditional teaching and learning.

8. Sponsors teaching the principle of individualism in contemporary interventions and practices in this regard, employing the following concepts :

a.  Students know the characteristics of individuals and the physical and intellectual values.

b. To provide school supplies and diversity.

c.  diversity of activities and educational experiences that motivate students to participate, and the demand for education.

d.  use of the teacher of the means of various educational, decides the type of introduction and the amount of student learning, the effectiveness of the educational process in general.

e.  variety of questions the teacher in terms of type and level, language, style and subject from student to another.

Effective teaching styles is allow the teacher to students that each of them the role that corresponds to the characteristics and abilities, then choose the educational activity that is consistent with these characteristics and capabilities.

By knowing the elements of effective contemporary teaching of teachers expected to add insight to enhance effective teaching stylesbecause with effective teaching styles can improve the quality of learning outcomes was conducted also improve morale and student activities.