strategies for teaching the main idea

Strategies For Teaching The Main Idea

strategies for teaching the main ideaThe main idea of an essay, or other written discourse, is the point that the author is trying to make. It is the most important thing that he wants you to understand about the topic. It is most often stated explicitly, although in narrative essays or in fiction it may be implicit. When the main idea is stated explicitly, it may be given in a single sentence or in several sequential sentences.

Most teachers recognize that strategies for teaching the main idea very difficult. Students are not always able to determine the nature of a text to be read to determine. Sometimes the length of a step is a problem, or if it is fiction or fiction, a student is upset. As teachers, we know that strategies for teaching the main idea about the main idea of a selection of reading is necessary, but how can we teach students to identify with success?

Teachers with his strategies for teaching the main idea can begin teaching this concept, identifying the students the basic idea of the small opening paragraphs. Members practice speaking aloud, teachers can shape their thinking process of students. This process is known as a practice of guided reading. Teachers facilitate the process of reading and understanding of their students with new skills introduced. The main idea of a paragraph that a phrase or sentence outlines identify, then focus on the ideas of the aid with double lines. If the adult student to the basic idea of the longer paragraphs to select teachers can give work to a few paragraphs passages for students with them.

The main idea will be the most general statement in the essay and will serve as an umbrella to cover all the information that the essay contains. It provides unity for the essay in the same way that a topic sentence provides unity for a paragraph. Topics that are not logically related to the main idea should not be included in the essay.

Finding the main idea is a basic reading comprehension an important skill for students . However, basic does not mean easy. Students are often erroneously told that the basic idea of the first sentence of a paragraph. It is not always so, especially if the authors are in the first sentence the reader with an interesting fact or a question to be examined.

The steps in strategies for teaching the main idea for the students find the basic idea:

        1. All students must read the same text. You can incorporate a child element of the magazine, the Internet or a guide. I try the equipment to match the units are considered used.

        2. Read a paragraph to students. Click here to immediately start your own words what they think, generally speaking in the sale. You should write a complete sentence. Not yet use the term main idea.

        3. Ask students to share their prayers with you. Make a list on the board or chart paper. Reading to the class after writing.

         4. End explain main idea to students, such as “The main idea of this section tells you everything.  All sentences together to give a message. The basic idea of the section is the message of the author, said.”

        5. When one of his students and the basic idea with the phrase found, ask the class to the main idea in the list to find just created. If no one answers the main idea then together in class, write a sentence, the main idea. Then discuss why some of the other games in the list of important ideas. Possible causes could be that the punishment is only part of a sentence or paragraph that the title is not the main idea.

        6. Read another paragraph aloud, students of the same material. Ask students to write the main idea. Remember that the main idea of the media. Discuss student responses.

        7. Pair students to work in the rest of the article, write a main idea of each paragraph or subparagraph of this article.

       Strategies for teaching the main idea of helping teachers teach students about the main idea sentence and main ideas are written explicitly and implicit that are considered difficult by students.