integrated teaching methods

Integrated Teaching Methods

integrated teaching methodsHow to integrated teaching methods in the classroom

Integration in education curriculum includes a combination of various disciplines and the teaching of a single theme or idea. Innovative teachers and schools prefer to program into their classrooms, improving student performance and leads to an increase in standardized scores of the students. Student achievement is the main goal of an integrated program uses three different types of integration approaches, including multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary

The following is important ways of integrated teaching methods in the classroom :

1.  A multidisciplinary approach to integrated teaching methods by organizing a list of rules from different disciplines into a common theme. For example, the inclusion of a list of rules, disciplines such as history, geography, economics, government, and focus on an agenda intra-disciplinary Social Science Commons. Another method is multi-disciplinary skills, knowledge and attitudes to merge into the curriculum. For example, teachers integrate technology into the curriculum for use with the use of computer technology in all areas. In this way, students learn the problems and improve their computer skills. Additionally, schools and learning projects and the integration of early learning in school. For example, the preparation and distribution of brochures for agricultural workers (in various languages) on the advantages and disadvantages of pesticides, students learn the norms of the various subjects, including science, social studies and language arts.

2.  Interdisciplinary approach to integrated teaching methods with the organization of the curriculum around a common learning in different disciplines. For example, to focus on specific skills or common interdisciplinary learning the thinking skills research skills and understanding in teaching science, English, history and geography. The idea is that the skills and concepts of the lesson to learn the lesson immediately. An integrated learning through the arts program and teaches students about math and science concepts and skills through activities such as singing, sculpture, painting and dance.

3.  Use the multi-disciplinary approach to integrated teaching methods, the organization of the curriculum for students ‘questions’ and concerns. The interdisciplinary integration through project-based learning, students will be made to a problem. The project-based learning allows students to make connections between different themes to answer questions and problems to solve. Trans-disciplinary integration is achieved by negotiating with the program the student questions the basis for the program. The subjects that students have developed in different schools, are examples of how health issues that affect our lives and violence in our culture. Learning to solve problems and questions from the students skills that can then be applied to real trouble.

One of the primary values of integrated teaching methods is that it allows teachers to evaluate their students by means other than standardized testing. The teacher still can set goals and apply strict standards, but these standards are not measured by merely testing how much rote information the student has been able to acquire, but rather by evaluating the depth and scope of insight, thoughtfulness and effectiveness with which a student tackles a problem.