methods of teaching english literature

Methods of Teaching English Literature

methods of teaching english literatureTeaching literature in high school language classes are very Challenging, but with the right teaching techniques you have a Class That Will actively follow the lessons by reading. Therefore, you need to Make a reading list based on the learning needs and provides plenty of time for students to read the book. As they read, spice up your lessons with a presentation and interactive activities.

Different methods of teaching English literature :


One way in methods of teaching english literature
in methods of teaching english literature to keep you up to speed reading class with the required reading is to start a chapter presentation. Divide your class into four to six groups, depending on the length of the book that you teach. Assign each group one or two chapters to read. Make a schedule that required reading should be identified students each week. In the days that followed, the group assigned to present this chapter covers important characters, events and insights into why the characters act as they do and why events happened. Groups can present visuals to summarize the chapter and lead a brief discussion. This will strengthen reading and help students better understand the author’s intent.

Presentation Time Period

If you teach a classic book of the past, students must understand the political and social events of the time, and little about the culture, to better understand the inspiration of the book. One way to teach this is to divide the class into four groups and assign each group one topic, like politics, social movements, biographies of writers and culture. Students should conduct research and make a brief visual presentation about their topic. Divide the students to do research group divided up the work and allow students to listen to presentations of other groups and better understand the period of time to read.

Hard to read or re-enactment

If you want to read a particular section of a book in class to grade it is actively involved with having students each read a paragraph, students read selected at random. Students will not disrupt the reading process, because they generally will follow. If you teach drama, you can also have a volunteer stand and read a line from a different character. Getting students into the character can help keep them engaged in reading.

Literature Movies With the Discussion

If a book or playing a role that you are teaching is hard to read, for example if it is written in Old English, can help to play a segment of the movie made from the book. The film is visually entertaining, and watching the characters and hear them talk can help the class understand the language of the period of time by looking at the actions and events that the book was filmed. Leading a class discussion about the film segment to ensure the class you better understand this book.

Methods of teaching English literature can be difficult because of the amount of material should be packed. But by using a variety of effective presentation techniques such as those above, allowing teachers to better know how well students read and understand the material.