spoken english teaching methods

Spoken English Teaching Methods

spoken english teaching methodsSpoken English is a kind of English native speakers to learn first. It comes from listening to caregivers, and present in society. To teach oral English to English speakers normative, there are several methods that you can follow. Spoken English teaching methods can be used to teach students of all ages, whether they live in English speaking countries or not.

Steps in spoken English teaching methods :


    Babies learn to speak by repeating what they hear, so you can use spoken english teaching methods at every age level. Just say the words you want students to know, and ask them to repeat the words. Point to objects or mimic the action; as a student repeat what you say, they will learn the word. You can start with small words and common words, then words that are larger and more complex ideas, in the same way that infants learn to speak.


    Spoken English teaching methods with the conversation. In conversation, non-English speakers may not understand all the words, and they may not know what was said. However, through the flow of conversation, and through actions and facial expressions, learners will begin to pick pieces of language they understand. Through conversations considerable activity, students will begin to learn spoken English.


    Translating sentences and ideas from the students native language into English. Then have students say the phrase again, either in their own language and in English. Although this process takes a long time, can help students understand the meaning of what they say, and maybe help them learn faster.


    Immerse students into classes in English or even English-speaking areas, such as campus or city. Do not teach by using any type of translation, and even prohibit the dictionary of your class. Speak only in English. Use words that they may have identified to explain the difficult words. Although this may seem like a difficult way to learn the language, it’s really the most closely mimic the way babies and children learn to talk. This can be a spoken english teaching methods quickly.

Methods to improve English spoken


     Listening to spoken English is good at the level of your understanding will enhance all aspects of your talk, because we usually learn language from listening the first time If you can understand English-language radio and television, get used to listening to news programs and documentaries from a presenter who usually speaks well. To work more easily, practice listening to English language instructional CD or computer software, at home or in school language lab. You can also find English materials radio, instructional television and the Internet. It is part of the spoken English teaching methods

Reading and Repeating Aloud

     Another way of spoken English teaching methods, You have to actually say the words aloud in English to improve your pronunciation. Practice reading aloud in English, or repeat after the audio recording software or instructional, every day. Record your pronunciation at home or in school language lab, and compare yourself with native speakers. Ask someone who speaks English well for additional corrections.

Reading for Vocabulary

    You can improve your English vocabulary by reading every day in English. Plan to spend at least half an hour every day reading the material you find interesting and slightly challenging. Write new words on note cards or in a notebook and study them. Then try to use it properly next time you speak English.

Correct Grammar Practice

    If you make a grammatical error in English a lot, study grammar book or take a grammar class. Then pay attention to grammar when you speak even if you have to slow down at first. Do not keep repeating the same mistakes. Watching or “monitor” the grammar of your own so you can improve. Ask friends who speak English very well to correct you here as well.

Practicing for Fluency

     Using your English is often in informal and formal situations will improve your fluency and confidence. Search for native speakers of English and the other at school or in your town, and practice speaking with them often. Help English speaking travelers wherever you see them. Search for English conversation partners on the Internet to practice speaking even more. Overcome your shyness by taking English classes or join a club to speak and give presentations in English.

    Spoken English teaching methods to train your English language well in informal and formal situations. Find native English speakers or fluent in English at your school, and often talk with them often to practice. All that will improve your fluency and confidence.