strategies for teaching place value

Strategies for Teaching Place Value

Strategies for Teaching Place Value

Strategies for Teaching Place Value

Several ways of strategies for teaching place value :

Teaching the value of a number is a task, it is important but may be confusing. Give your students the power to create their own learning experience by incorporating learning tools that benefit their understanding in a deeper and more comprehensive. It is important to include the concepts that deepen the understanding for students who learn in different ways. Reinforce the concept of place value by utilizing fun, but comprehensive, activity.

    Create a board placed great value, with room for one and tens, on a piece of butcher paper. Rolls off and have the same number of students standing in the room. Roll the die again and asks the students if the number of children can all fit in place. Explain that once there are nine children, ten students will need to link arms and move to the tens. Any remaining students will stay in place. Continue with the rolling die and the children move from space for decades. Ask students to draw conclusions about how and why they move the space until every child standing in the value space.

    Ask students to explain how the place works in words that effectively describe the rules of the place. This can be done by adding the phrase as: “Something I learned today …”,” I think a new strategy …” and “I see a pattern to …” Giving students the opportunity to expand learning place value to help them to reinforce the concepts in their brains because they make connections with their own words.

    Give a lesson about the value of a place that explains concepts effectively. Group students together to write rap about what they have learned. This activity can be done after two previous activities have been completed. Have each group present the rap they wrote. Visual aids are encouraged.

    Strategies for teaching place value can be challenging; many students originally learn how to count and subtract small numbers and are not introduced to larger values as they are unlikely to count up to these at a young age. Children can be shown how place value and decimal systems work but it is also important to ensure children understand place value, rather than simply imitating concepts taught in a lesson through practice.