A New Fitness App to Get People on Their Feet


Active 10 is the new fitness app by the One You campaign by Public Health England.

The app is designed to boost the health and decrease the risk for early death by as much as 15%.

The way how it works is that it challenges people to do frequent but short exercises, such as daily walking.

To give the app are more publicity, it is currently receiving high profile support most notably by television presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford as ambassadors.

According to recent studies, UK today is 20% less active than it had been 55 years ago.

Many middle-aged people all over the United Kingdom are not getting enough exercise and are thus missing out on a plethora of health benefits.

Fitness and exercise apps are currently among the most popular application in the Apple store. The apps range from running apps to fitness apps the incorporate some type of game such as Zombie escapes or alien invasions.

Yet, despite the popularity of these apps, people in the United Kingdom walk on average 15 miles less per year then just 20 years ago. Overall, the average Brit is 20% less active than they had been in the 1960s. Especially those in the mid-age bracket, aged between 40 and 60 missing out on regular exercise.

The idea behind this new fitness application is that it might be more appealing especially to middle-aged folks to get started with regular walking exercise as opposed to chasing some Zombies. The adviser for the app, professors Sir Muir Gray stayed that the app can be a good way to introduce¬† healthy changes into one’s lifestyle.

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